Physical fitness and physical activity level in children and adolescents after moderate and severe burn


VSBN: dr. ME van Baar, dr. NEE van Loey, dr. GIJM Beerthuizen, dr. MK Nieuwenhuis, prof. dr. E Middelkoop
Kinderbewegingscentrum, WKZ, UMC Utrecht: dr. T Takken, dr. J van der Net
Instituut voor Bewegingswetenschappen, UMC Groningen: LM Disseldorp MSc, dr. LJ Mouton, prof. dr. LHV van der Woude

Aim of this project

In this project we want to determine the physical fitness and physical activity of children with burns which is at least  10% of their total body surface area (TBSA). The results may lead to the development of new, and improvement of current physical therapy programs for children. This project started in december 2011 and is funded by the Dutch Burn Foundation.