Itch in patients with burns: Standard Treatment Or topical doxepin against Pruritis in burn patients


Drs. H Kuipers, dr. J Prins, drs. GH van Ramshorst, dr. W Tuinebreijer, drs. MJ Hop, dr. NEE van Loey, dr. ME van Baar, dr. MK Nieuwenhuis, prof. dr. E Middelkoop, prof dr. RS Breederveld

Aim of this project

Itch is a great burden for patients with burns. Current treatments like ointment, pressure clothing or anti-histamin therapies are often unsuccesfull. In this trial we compare Doxepine with standard treatments in a multi-centre double-blinded randomised and controled study. This trial is also part of a larger psychosical research project concerning itch in patients with burns. This trial started in 2011 and is funded by the Dutch Burns Foundation.