The suitability of perforator based interposition flaps for scar contractures: a randomised controlled

multicenter trial

Drs. C. Stekelenburg, drs. SJM Jongen, drs. R Tjong, dr. JB Jacquet, AJM van Trier, J van Loon, FB Schade, prof. dr. PPM van Zuijlen

Aim of the study

In this project, the effect of the perforator based interposition flap is compared to the use of full-thickness skin graft for scar contractures. In this multi-centre randomised controlled trial, both techniques are compared using contraction at 3 months post surgery as a primary result. Furthermore, wound healing at 1 and 3 weeks post surgery are determined as well as elasticity and overall qualilty of the remaining scar using the POSAS.

This project is funded by the Dutch Burn Foundation