Dr. ir. TH Smit, dr. MMW Ulrich, prof. dr. E Middelkoop, M Paalman, prof. dr. PPM van Zuijlen, dr. MK Nieuwenhuis, dr. MCLG Gouverneur

Aim of this project

In this project we aim to set up an in vitro test system which allows us to study different splint/stretching treatment regimes and assess the effect of these regimes on cellular function and expression levels of various scar markers. Also the timing of onset of the therapy will be studied.The department physics and medical technology at the VUmc developed a biaxial skin stretcher (BiSkiS). The BiSkiS is an advanced computer driven mechanical load device, in which the scar tissue and skin can be subjected to different mechanical regimes. The first experimental try-outs showed that the skin mounting system was not optimal and had to be improved. Once this was achieved the entire experimental set-up could be tested. Skin was mounted in the device and a 24 hour stretching regime was applied.  Simultaneous with the improvements of the BiSkiS, an experimental set-up for static stretch to study the cellular and molecular effects of static splinting, was developed and experiments on normal skin and cell seeded collagen matrices were performed.

This project is funded by the Dutch Burns Foundation